Colouring Epoxy Resin

Collated from newsgroup postings.

I use Lamp Black powder (pure carbon) available from the art supply store. It doesn't take much, and it has no bad effect on the epoxy. I mix the carbon into one of the two epoxy parts before mixing them together because I usually use the 5-minute variety, and I get a longer working time that way. Some people use black pigment from the paint store, or fabric dye, but I prefer the lamp black

I used a few drops of black leather dye. Worked very well with 2-part 5 min. epoxy. I also added some brass key filings to the top, let dry and buffed out.

I have used photo-copier/laser printer toner. It's very black.

Use artists oil paints. I tried it and it works great. The paint must be oil paint.

On using an artists paint or other other oil based medium for coloring epoxy;

I have found that mixing powders in too high a concentration will cause the epoxy not to harden properly. This was quite high (like maybe 50%). I have been able to get real nice colors at much lower concentrations than that so you shouldn't have a problem.

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