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Sydney Woodturners Guild
Life Members

Under the Objectives and Rules of the Sydney Woodturners Guild Inc. section 42;

"The committee, "by notice of motion at the previous committee meeting", confirmed by ordinary resolution at an Annual General Meeting,
where it is deemed fitting, may bestow life membership on a member who has 10 years of membership
and who has rendered meritorious service to the Guild over that period. ".

The current life members of the Sydney Woodturners Guild are;

John EwartMembership Number 1
George HatfieldMembership Number 2
Tom BartieMembership Number 7
Lindsay SkinnerMembership Number 71
Bruce LeadbeatterMembership Number 75
Simon PriemMembership Number 163
Col HerbertMembership Number 178
Doug MidgleyMembership Number 204
Peter HerbertMembership Number 716
Patrick (Paddi) ThorpeMembership Number 766
Ted MacquartMembership Number 809
Warren RankinMembership Number 944
John JewellMembership Number 1062
Jack ButlerMembership Number 1564

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