Join Us

Membership of the Sydney Woodturners Guild is open to anyone over the age of 14.

In order to become a member of the association, you should make contact with the regional convenor who will invite you to attend a meeting, held in your area, and will introduce you to the facilities of the group and assist with completing the membership form. Prospective members MUST attend their local affiliated association meeting, to join that group. Advice on the nearest group to you can be found on the contacts page of this web site.

Members are entitled to attend the Guild’s Committee and General Meetings at Chester Hill and any of the region meetings/activity days. A number of specialist retailers offer discounts to Guild members. Members also receive an electronic copy of the Guild newsletter “By Hand & Eye”. Printed copies are available to members without a PC. Additional newsletters may be provided by the member’s affiliated group.

Cost of membership is determined by the affiliation the member joins and is around $35 per year, depending on the association.

It is important to realise that the Guild is activity based and to get full value, members are encouraged to attend activity days where the craft of woodturning is discussed and demonstrated, both by Guild members and guest speakers (often distinguished woodturners from Australia and overseas). An important aspect of all activity days is theĀ Show And TellĀ where members present an item of their own work and explain the finer points of its creation. Much is learned during these presentations.

Regions also hold open days where members’ work is displayed and sold. In addition, regions attend fetes, craft shows, community fairs etc. where again, members display, discuss and sell their work.

These functions are more often than not associated with fundraising for charities and community groups.

Finally, do not feel intimidated because you are a beginner – especially do not think that the Guild is a men only group. The Guild does have beginner and female members. Remember that woodturners never make mistakes but we do make the most beautiful firewood you ever saw.